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Bloor Homes have created new housing developments for Britain's private residential sector for 50 years. At one time, it was the largest UK housebuilder to be owned by a single individual, founder John Bloor, who started Bloor Homes back in 1969.

In the decades since, Bloor Homes has prided itself by creating new homes that come equipped with features that maximise efficiency and facilitate homeowners' everyday lives. The developer combines modern conveniences with thoughtful detail, introducing character aspects into its designs to give the houses a personal touch – defined as the Bloor Difference.

Mackoy groundwork gangs were on-site with Bloor Homes in Binfield, near Bracknell in Berkshire, for its consortium development with Linden Homes. We provided the full groundwork infrastructure for the 420-unit residential scheme, named The Fairways. A £5 million contract with Mackoy set the wheels in motion to radically increase Binfield's housing stock.

It is this dedication to developing in locations where new communities can form and thrive that continues to be a key catalyst in Bloor Homes' site acquisitions and investments. The developer consciously targets areas where existing communities can become enriched by their new neighbours, and vice versa. This is a formula that has successfully served Bloor Homes throughout several decades, and one the developer continues to remain true to.

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