Barratt brings in Mackoy for groundworks in Whitchurch

31 July 2018

Just over one year ago we began work on site for Barratt Homes in Whitchurch. In a £5.5 million contract to deliver the groundworks infrastructure for 100 residential units.

Client: Barratt Homes

Site Name: Mill Springs

Site Location: Winchester Road, Whitchurch

Contract Value: £5.5 million

Contract Summary: 100 residential units

Flash-forward more than 12 months and the site (as you’d hope) is looking dramatically different from when we first broke ground in 2017. With the once vacant plot of land now beginning to resemble a new community, and the first of the 2,3,4 and 5 bed Barratt Homes taking shape. But there’s still a way to go before works complete for Mackoy at the Winchester Road development. And most recently we’ve been involved in installing some new football pitches, which will form a key part of the recreational space on site.

Despite development continuing at Whitchurch, it’s still a pleasure to report on the progress of our current contracts in real time – this build with Barratt Homes being no exception. This is an ambitious development, in an equally ambitious timeframe (100 houses in 18 months). And with the beginning of 2018 delivering a fair amount of adverse weather to contend with it hasn’t always been easy. But our groundworkers have pushed on (and continue to do so) and it’s a thrill to see the site develop week on week. Especially since we’ve been there right from the very beginning. Laying those first foundations for what will ultimately become Mill Springs’ final footprint.

In fact, so much of any build relies on getting those first groundworks right. And on a big housing project like Mill Springs that takes a lot of men and a lot of machinery (an average of 20 groundworkers and 4/5 gangs at any time in this case). All of who work tirelessly under the direction of our Whitchurch Site Manager Paul Weaving to deliver the groundworks infrastructure to precise specification.

The site itself is in a fantastically serviced location, with Basingstoke, Winchester and Andover within a few miles, and the River Test running nearby. There’s great access to the A34 and A303 roads. As well as direct train links into London (the local station is just 4 minutes away and offers frequent services around the hour into Waterloo). Making the development desirable for a diverse cross section of buyers from a wide catchment area.

Much of the surrounding vicinity of Whitchurch, including the town itself, is a designated conservation area. With parts even declared of ‘special scientific interest’. So it’s a very natural place to live, with an abundance of wildlife. But still with convenient access to the three larger towns Whitchurch neighbours. So residents of Mill Springs will be able to enjoy an abundance of bars, restaurants and nightlife, just a short train journey or drive away. As well as all the amenities offered locally in Whitchurch too.

While each new home on the development comes with its own unique features, footprint, and characteristics, Barratt Homes have been mindful to give the exteriors of the houses a uniform look. Which really does heighten the community feel when you walk around the plot. Modern, open-plan, style living arrangements are accommodated in the interior layouts. While kitchens are equipped with the latest mod cons and stylish finishes, to appeal to a range of buyers – young, old, and families, alike.

Reflecting on the groundworks for Barratt Homes at Mill Springs, our Finance Director John Mayock, has nothing but admiration for Mackoy’s skilled groundworkers.

“Projects such as this 100-unit residential development for Barratt Homes are what give us the greatest satisfaction at Mackoy. You know from day one of being on a build that the work you’re contributing is laying the foundations for everything that follows. And it always gives us a great boost knowing that our groundworks are paving the way for a host of new homes that will enrich a local area. Mill Springs in Whitchurch is a great example of this. It’s a cracking project our team really enjoy working on and one we’re immensely proud to help make a reality.”

If you’d like to join the Mackoy groundworks and civil engineering team, and be part of similar site developments across the Southern Counties then follow us on Facebook for news of our latest job openings. As well as keeping a close eye on our Mackoy careers page for updates on the groundwork sites we’re currently recruiting for.

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