June’s Superstar Mackoy Site Winners

Well, that was some June!

In all our seven years working in groundworks and civil engineering this has to be the first time we’ve witnessed an entire month of solid sunshine on our worksites. So a big hats off to all our guys for toughing it out in the heat. We had some scorchers to contend with but as usual our Mackoy team got on with the job at hand and didn’t let quality standards slip.

June’s been another busy one for us, with several live projects on the go. So we’ve been relying on our Site Managers to step up (more than usual) to ensure build times stay on track. And while we’ve been impressed across the board with progress on all our sites, when it came to awarding our Site Manager of the Month for June, one person in particular stood out…

Paul Weaving (aka Tonbag, aka Tonnage, aka The Real Tyson Fury) congratulations! You are the Mackoy Site Manager for June 2018 (cue applause). And a well-deserved win it is too.

Paul’s been overseeing works at our flagship contract for Barratt David Wilson in Whitchurch. And his hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed by our client, who only last week commented on the great workmanship, quality and progress on the build from our side. And it’s great to hear such glowing feedback coming directly from the developer.

But it’s not just our client who has been heaping praise on Paul’s (and the whole teams’) work. David Bacon, our SHEQ Manager was equally impressed with the Mill Springs site during his most recent inspection. In fact, David noted that Paul’s improvement score is the highest since the Site Manager of The Month Award began – a whopping 18%. And he’s also doubled the positives recorded in that time too. A great achievement for Paul and a fantastic result for the development as well.

We know Paul and his team are currently busy doing CMLs, as well as construction of the roads, football pitches and pavilions on site. But when you’re ready Paul, there’s £500 making its way to you.

Which brings us onto the award for our Mackoy Site of The Month, which this month goes to Binfield and another impressive member of our team Pat Beaumont (commonly known to all as Pat B). Pat’s our newest Mackoy recruit, but already he’s produced outstanding work in his short time for us. Coming in to take the reigns on a site that (for lack of a better expression) needed a wee kick up the backside. And that’s exactly what’s happened under Pat’s command.

In fact, Pat has really turned the Binfield build around in record time, following the unfortunate delays we experienced earlier in the year due to increment weather conditions. So it’s fantastic to see works progressing so well now with Pat at the reigns. We know it isn’t always easy coming in as the new guy, but Pat wasn’t fazed in the slightest. He’s a credit to our crew and has quickly become one of the Mackoy team too. So thank you Pat and of course (it goes without saying) keep up the good work.

We should also mention Mike Beare for Site of The Month too who, along with Pat, has been a massive support helping out on site. Mike in particular stepped up to chase information and numerous program change requests. So we couldn’t let his dedication and perseverance go unnoticed (or unrewarded). Pat and Mike, enjoy £250 each for all your hard work. We really do appreciate the time and effort you’ve both put in for us.

We’ll be back in late August to report on our July Site Manager and Site of The Month Winners. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a position on a groundworks gang in Berkshire or Surrey, take a look at the openings we currently have in the area on our Careers Page. All positions require a valid CSCS card and eligibility to work in the UK.