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Since the 1950s, Barratt Homes has been supplying private sector and affordable housing to purpose-built new communities in every corner of Britain. The developer has played a key part in developing and shaping Britain's housing landscape, building more than 450,000 homes across England, Scotland and Wales in the past 60 years.

Like us, Barratt's business started with just one man: company founder Lawrie Barratt. He was a young accountant when, in 1953, he decided to build his own house after he couldn't afford to buy the house he wanted.

It was a decision that secured his place in history, as it led to him forming his own construction company in 1958, and it set the wheels in motion for Barratt to become one of the most prominent housebuilders in Britain. The company grew rapidly, listed on the London Stock Exchange just a decade after launching, and selling more than 3000 homes by the mid-1970s. Like Barratt, Mackoy also experienced the same rapid growth in its first decade in business.

Today, Barratt's commitment to creating quality new British homes is as prominent as ever. Since first partnering with the developer in 2013, Mackoy has worked with Barratt Managing Director Ian Wallace to create infrastructure for more than 248 new Southern England homes, including our recent £5.5 million contract appointment in Whitchurch, Hampshire. To date, we have been awarded contracts by Barratt totalling £15 million, and we're proud to count such a long-established leader in the UK property sector among our core pool of Mackoy clients.

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