Our road and 278 works provide essential updates to existing highways and create entire road networks to service new communities.


Developing the essential infrastructure to keep Britain moving.

Roads and motorways are fundamental to everyday life in modern Britain, transporting millions of vehicles each day as well as providing a vital lifeline for those needing emergency services. Needless to say, creating such a crucial infrastructure requires a professional groundworks and civil engineering contractor to oversee its construction.

Our road services are not limited to creating new roadways on residential developments, we are also qualified to carry out complete Section 278 works – that is, roads that adhere to the Section 278 Agreement, ensuring work is completed to local highway authority standards. In short, we can make the necessary adjustments to existing highways in order to manage traffic flow and connect new communities to local road networks. This includes the construction of roundabouts, priority junctions, right turn lanes, cycle paths, kerbs and pavements.

Mackoy groundwork operatives have extensive experience in the design, planning and execution of road infrastructure at all levels. Our work is endorsed by the National House-Building Council (NHBC), and is subject to 10-year quality guarantees.

We take care of every aspect of the road-building process, from the foundation-creating earthworks to drains and sewers. So, instead of hiring multiple contractors, only one needs to be approached: us.


Other Services

Surfacing and Paving at a Mackoy Groundworks Site

Surfacing and Paving

Our surfacing and paving work provides exterior finishes completed to the same high specifications as our groundwork infrastructure. From neatly tarmacked new roads to beautifully block-paved driveways, we have the plant and the capability to construct surfaces that can withstand life's daily pressures.

Sewers and Drainage storage space at Mackoy Groundworks Site

Sewers and Drainage

No new home would be complete without plumbing and waste water disposal. As part of our groundwork infrastructure, we create the trenches for these essential services, connecting homes to mainland sewers and ensuring there are provisions for fresh running water.

Landscaping for Show Home backyard Groundwork provided by Mackoy


We apply soft and hard landscaping techniques to radically transform clients' developments, and to install unique character features that give a project life and soul – from installing football pitches and recreational spaces to changing a site's elevation, feel and flow.

Civil Engineering Plans for Mackoy Groundworks Project

Civil Engineering

Our civil engineers use environmental and structural expertise to bring a building to life. Not only do they ensure a development project can be delivered on time and on budget, they also provide the complex calculations needed for a mechanically sound construction.

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