Health and Safety

The wellbeing of every operative on our worksites is always our utmost priority at Mackoy. Which is why we invest heavily into Health & Safety measures that keep everyone safe.


We're not content to just comply at Mackoy; we find new ways of improving our practices for the better.

We've worked hard to establish an excellent health and safety record at Mackoy. Never ceasing to review and update our training in-line with the latest industry legislations. As well as proactively engaging third party safety officers to audit our practices on top of the weekly inspections our own SHEQ team undertake across all our live builds.

Education of our operatives is key to maintaining the consistently high safety standards our clients have come to expect from us. So as well as investing in new plant and tools we're forever trialling new initiatives to help us improve safe practice in every area of our business. From upgrading our excavation toolkit to include Air Picks, a safer means of excavating near to live services, to adding Hydrema and Thwaites closed-cab dumper trucks to our plant.

Unsafe practice on our worksites is something we won't tolerate under any circumstances. So as well as in-house training to refresh our operatives on the safe handling of our plant we also issue our Mackoy Good Practice Guide to all our site compounds. These guides form a key part of our groundworks handbook outlining in no uncertain terms the processes and procedures we need to follow on site to stay safe. Just a few of the reasons why leading Health & Safety regulators endorse our practices.


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