Using expert groundwork and civil engineering services to create the essential infrastructure to connect new homes to safe waste water management and surface water draining systems.


All waste products need somewhere to go. Water is no exception.

Drains and sewers are integral to managing the waste water and surface water outputs generated by each home in Britain. They prevent the cross-contamination of foul water with rainwater, and minimise the risk of flooding.

It is, therefore, vital that every new home is professionally fitted with the correct infrastructure to connect the property to the appropriate draining systems, including having separate drains for surface and waste water.

Mackoy's groundworks and civil engineering operatives specialise in the installation of drain and waste water management systems that adhere to approved site plans as well as environmental requirements. We take care of everything: from the excavation of draining trenches to laying the pipes that connect each home to highway sewers.

We also ensure that, once the home is occupied, waste water generated by toilets, showers, washing machines and dishwashers reaches the appropriate processing plant for treatment.

As part of our draining solutions service, we also install entire pumping stations and manhole covers, as well as surface water draining systems to manage the flow of storm water back to Britain's waterways. This means that, not only do we enable every home to have the essential waste output infrastructure, we also help to prevent polluted water reaching rivers and seas.


Other Services

CCTV Surveys and Drain Cleaning taken out for Mackoy Groundworks

CCTV Surveys & Drain Cleaning

Our CCTV surveys will help to quickly determine the health of a site's drains, identifying the root cause of any problems in a timely, cost-effective and non-invasive manner. Our drain-cleaning capabilities ensure we can quickly dislodge any pipe blockages or build-ups, preventing foul water drainage.

Beam and Block Floors well stacked Beams for Mackoy Groundworks

Beam and Block Floors

This method is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional suspended flooring as it can be constructed quickly and inexpensive using ready-made materials. It requires no drying out time and so provides a stable flooring that can be instantly insulated and walked on.

Earthworks digger mound reduction for Mackoy Groundworks


The first step in any new development, our earthworks prepare the ground for excavation. This is done by stripping away the topsoil, clearing the site of vegetation, removing excess earth (muckaway) and leveling out any unevenness (cut and fill) to make way for groundbreaking to begin.

Groundworks Operative working on sub-structure birckwork for Mackoy Groundworks


Our groundworkers create a construction project's vital infrastructure by balancing powerful excavation works with complex technical processes, from clearing a site of its topsoil layer to setting out the foundations of what will, one day, support a new home.

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