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Earthworks is just the start of what we do

At Mackoy we know there's so much more to groundworks than just soil stripping and muckaway. That's why our unique services span multiple stages of the groundworks and civil engineering process. Allowing you to work with a single contractor who specialises in it all.

Our operatives are experienced in a wide remit of niche groundworks services. From initial site investigations that reveal the physical makeup of a development plot and determine its suitability for building. To specialised CAT and CCTV scans to identify the locations of live underground services. The essential groundworks services we provide protect investments, and people. Ensuring that when a development does get the green light the infrastructure is in place to conduct works safely, and with the best equipment.

This ability to take ownership of multiple elements of a development is what sets us apart, and makes Mackoy a leader in groundworks infrastructure and civil engineering in the South. Trusted, not only, by the top regional house builders in Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex, Surrey and Berkshire but by the nation's largest and longest serving housing developers too.



From getting a plot of land primed for development, to creating the integral underground infrastructure to service new homes with energy, waste, and water. Our groundworkers transform the development sites we work on. Turning raw earth and rubble into the footprint for new communities to thrive.



Civil Engineering

Civil engineers can help you realise the vision for your project. Performing the complex calculations that take your building from an architect's blueprint to a viable three-dimensional design. Ensuring the structure is solid, sound, and safe without compromising on its character or aesthetics.

Civil Engineering

Groundworks Operative working on sub-structure birckwork for Mackoy Groundworks


From clearing a site of its topsoil layer to setting out the foundations that will one-day hold an entire new home, our groundworkers balance powerful excavation works with complex technical processes. Delivering the vital infrastructure and earthworks that make our clients' developments possible.

Civil Engineering Plans for Mackoy Groundworks Project

Civil Engineering

From ensuring your project can be delivered to time and to budget, to providing the complex calculations that determine how the construction can be made mechanically sound. Civil engineers use their environmental and structural expertise to bring a building to life.

Beam and Block Floors well stacked Beams for Mackoy Groundworks

Beam & Block Floors

An increasingly popular alternative to traditional suspended flooring; beam & block can be constructed quickly and inexpensively making use of ready-made materials. Alleviating drying out times and providing a stable flooring that can be insulated, and walked on, instantly.

CAD Surverys studied by civil engineer for Mackoy groundworks

Cad Surveys

Our CAD surveys offer a topographical overview of your site based on field data and illustrated through a series of computer-aided 3D drawings. Empowering you with insightful analysis of your land's geological make-up and composition, backed up by research findings.

CCTV Surveys and Drain Cleaning taken out for Mackoy Groundworks

CCTV Surveys & Drain Cleaning

Our CCTV surveys will help you quickly determine the health of your drains, identifying the root cause of any problems by a timely, cost effective and non-invasive means. While our drain cleaning capabilities ensure we can quickly dislodge any pipe blockages or build-ups preventing foul water drainage.

Earthworks digger mound reduction for Mackoy Groundworks


The first step in any new development, our earthworks prepare the ground for excavation. Stripping away the topsoil, clearing the site of vegetation, removing excess earth (muckaway) and levelling out any unevenness (cut & fill) to make way for groundbreaking to begin.

Foundations poured by digger for Mackoy Groundworks supervised by groundworks operatives


Foundations are the cornerstone of any manmade structure, grounding the building to the floor for stability and strength. Our foundation excavations follow technical specs to a T. Taking trenches to the correct depths and avoiding collapse and infill.

Landscaping for Show Home backyard Groundwork provided by Mackoy


From installing football pitches and recreational spaces, to changing a site's elevation, feel and flow. We apply soft and hard landscaping techniques to radically transform our clients' developments. Creating the unique character features that give a project life and soul.

Oversite taken out on a Mackoy Groundworks Site


Oversites create an airtight seal between a building's groundworks infrastructure, and what will eventually become the finished floor. Providing a smooth layer of solid poured concrete, or suspended beam and block, that forms the floor's final foundation.

Site Investigation by Mackoy Groundworks Operatives

Site Investigations

A site investigation is the key to unlocking what you can build and where you can build it. Combining soil spot sampling techniques with comprehensive site assessments to determine any historic land contamination and the ground's suitability for development.

Retaining Structures on Mackoy Groundworks site

Retaining Structures

Whether you're building a basement or developing a sloping site, the retaining walls created by our groundworkers help to contain soil in its place. Maintaining the integrity of your structure and ensuring that no amount of pressure or environmental impact compromises its stability.

Roads and 278 works overview on Mackoy Groundworks Site

Roads & 278 Works

Roads are an integral part of keeping Britain moving, not only countrywide, but within local communities too. Our groundworkers help to connect new homes to their wider geographical location. Providing safe passage for people to get where they need to go.

Surfacing and Paving at a Mackoy Groundworks Site

Surfacing & Paving

Our surfacing & paving work provides exterior finishes completed to the same hi-spec as our groundworks infrastructure. From neatly tarmacked new roads to beautifully block paved driveways, we have the plant and the capability to construct surfaces that can withstand life's daily pressures.

Sewers and Drainage storage space at Mackoy Groundworks Site

Sewers & Drainage

No new home would be complete without plumbing and wastewater disposal. So as part of our groundworks infrastructure we create the trenches for these essential services to sit in. Connecting homes to mainland sewers, and ensuring provisions are there for fresh running water.

Substructure Brickwork Services by Mackoy Groundworkers on Site

Substructure Brickwork

As essential to a buildings' strength as its foundations, substructure brickwork bears the load of your superstructure, providing a solid platform to hold block and beam floors, and giving your building a strong grounding that can stand up to physical and environmental pressures.