What we give back

We're aware that the work we do at Mackoy leaves a lasting footprint. Which is why we do our best to minimise ours wherever possible, while giving back to local community projects.


When we're not busy building new communities we're working to improve existing ones.

We take our corporate social responsibility extremely seriously at Mackoy. So along with investing in plant that keeps our operatives safe, we also purchase mindfully to reduce our carbon footprint. Selecting machines equipped with measures to lower our emissions outputs, and applying environmentally safe methods to dispose of any excavated materials we generate. Including providing Site Waste Management Plans (SWMPs) for our clients, so we can responsibly keep track of where all waste from our worksites goes.

Corporate social responsibility is something we don't shy away from at Mackoy. So as well as doing our bit to quash our carbon footprint and follow environmentally sound practices in the name of respecting our planet we also take part in a number of charitable causes and sponsorships too. Helping to raise vital funds to support local community causes at the centre of the areas we operate in. Including a four-year sponsorship deal with Eastleigh football club, investing between £7,500-£40,000 per season, and a three season sponsorship of Romsey Town FC, contributing upwards of £25,000 annually.

We also helped to design, plan and build a new wing at Jane Scarth House in Romsey, helping to increase the capacity of their cancer support centre, enabling more patients to meet with consultants. And we raised £6,000 for the children's charity Kids Out with a family fun day at Eastleigh Football Club, which 20 young kids and adults attended. While at Lee-On-Solent infant school we provided a few days labour and machinery to remove tree stumps, which were causing a trip hazard to the children. Replacing the excavated top layer of earth with fresh soil and seed to encourage new grass to grow.

Initiatives such as these are ones we're proud to champion and be a part of at Mackoy, and over the coming months our team will be involved in an even greater number of charitable causes. Including donating our time and money to the Jubilee Field Playground for Lockerley and East Dean, with a 3-4 week groundworks package worth approximately £35-£40,000 in value. Together with sponsorships at Boundary Lakes Golf Club and the Ageas Bowl.

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