Engineering safe and solid gravity walls that keep soil at bay and support sub-ground level enclosures.


It takes geology, physics, gravity and engineering to create a retaining structure.

A plot of land for a development project is rarely perfectly flat and level, and that's where retaining structures come in. In instances where a development site slopes or is hilly, retaining walls keeps soil in its place, making a site safe to build on and creating man-made elevations that can give a project character.

No matter where, or why, you need a retaining wall, our operatives can help design and implement structures that defy gravity, providing a solid grounding for soil to bear down on. Complex mathematical equations are used to calculate the exact surface area, trench depths, and height required to make your retaining wall strong, stable and safe for years to come.

Our retaining structures extend to all types of wall for underground basement or above ground elevation. We take into account aesthetics and budget to help our clients achieve a result that doesn't just adhere to practical requirements but also looks visually pleasing.

From gravity walls and gabions to sheet pile, cantilever or crib designs, our groundwork and civil engineering operatives provide tailored solutions that can align with your vision while also adhering to strict European building regulations.


Other Services

Landscaping for Show Home backyard Groundwork provided by Mackoy


We apply soft and hard landscaping techniques to radically transform clients' developments, and to install unique character features that give a project life and soul – from installing football pitches and recreational spaces to changing a site's elevation, feel and flow.

Site Investigation by Mackoy Groundworks Operatives

Site Investigations

A site investigation is the key to unlocking what can be built and where. It combines soil spot sampling techniques with comprehensive site assessments to determine any historic land contamination and the ground's suitability for development.

Civil Engineering Plans for Mackoy Groundworks Project

Civil Engineering

Our civil engineers use environmental and structural expertise to bring a building to life. Not only do they ensure a development project can be delivered on time and on budget, they also provide the complex calculations needed for a mechanically sound construction.

Earthworks digger mound reduction for Mackoy Groundworks


The first step in any new development, our earthworks prepare the ground for excavation. This is done by stripping away the topsoil, clearing the site of vegetation, removing excess earth (muckaway) and leveling out any unevenness (cut and fill) to make way for groundbreaking to begin.

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