SERVICES: Substructure Brickwork

Laying the essential load-bearing walls that will support your building's floors and finished superstructure.


Substructure brickwork is as instrumental to a building's stability as its foundations.

Substructure brickwork involves the construction of brickwork below ground height at foundation level, and is a vital part of stabilising a building and giving the overall structure strength. It's this initial layer of brickwork that ultimately provides integral structural support and load-bearing to the superstructure of the entire completed building. So, just as foundations need to be excavated to precise widths and depths, substructure brickwork also needs to be completed to exacting and accurate standards.

At Mackoy, substructure brickwork is a key aspect of the foundation infrastructure we help to create on large-scale development sites for our clients. We ensure that the vital first building blocks of our clients' high-spec new homes are safe, solid and constructed to strict quality controls – in line with NHBC standards and technical requirements.

Not only do our groundwork operatives undertake this process with the care and expertise it demands, each member of our groundwork gangs is accredited by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) and/or the Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) for their skill in completing substructure brickwork. They apply their extensive training and experience to ensure every brick is level and every mortar line is airtight.

Furthermore, they use only industry-approved masonry and materials to guarantee the brickwork complies with industry regulations and can withstand environmental impact.


Other Services

Foundations poured by digger for Mackoy Groundworks supervised by groundworks operatives


Our skilled foundations excavators provide stable and strong grounding for buildings, following detailed technical specifications so that trenches are taken to the correct depths, and thereby avoiding collapse and infill.

Earthworks digger mound reduction for Mackoy Groundworks


The first step in any new development, our earthworks prepare the ground for excavation. This is done by stripping away the topsoil, clearing the site of vegetation, removing excess earth (muckaway) and leveling out any unevenness (cut and fill) to make way for groundbreaking to begin.

Sewers and Drainage storage space at Mackoy Groundworks Site

Sewers and Drainage

No new home would be complete without plumbing and waste water disposal. As part of our groundwork infrastructure, we create the trenches for these essential services, connecting homes to mainland sewers and ensuring there are provisions for fresh running water.

Oversite taken out on a Mackoy Groundworks Site


Oversites create an airtight seal between a building's groundworks infrastructure, and what will eventually become the finished floor. Providing a smooth layer of solid poured concrete, or suspended beam and block, that forms the floor's final foundation.

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