Strong and resilient asphalt, tarmac and paving treatments, finishing driveways, patios, roads and car parks to exacting standards.


Surfaces don't only need to look the part, they also have to be fit for purpose.

Surfaces are integral to the completed look, feel, and efficiency of the groundwork infrastructure we develop at Mackoy. We make sure the high-quality paving and surfacing services we provide our clients is fit for purpose as well as aesthetically pleasing. Whether it's tarmacking for a new road or car park, or block paving for a driveway or patio, each surface needs to stand up to the pressures of daily heavy usage.

At Mackoy, our groundwork operatives are trained in a range of surfacing and paving applications, helping us to complete the essential finishing touches that give our clients' builds a professional appearance and character, without compromising on performance.

We always select the right materials for the job, and approach each surfacing or paving contract with the same care and attention we apply to our entire groundwork infrastructure.

Our diverse range of surfacing and paving solutions offers a wealth of ways to beautifully finish the work that we do. Each option is engineered and executed to the highest specifications and quality, making road surfaces a joy to drive on and giving driveways and patios a look that perfectly complements the homes on our clients' developments.


Other Services

Roads and 278 works overview on Mackoy Groundworks Site

Roads & 278 Works

Roads are an integral part of keeping Britain moving, not only countrywide, but within local communities too. Our groundworkers help to connect new homes to their wider geographical location. Providing safe passage for people to get where they need to go.

Oversite taken out on a Mackoy Groundworks Site


Oversites create an airtight seal between a building's groundworks infrastructure, and what will eventually become the finished floor. Providing a smooth layer of solid poured concrete, or suspended beam and block, that forms the floor's final foundation.

Beam and Block Floors well stacked Beams for Mackoy Groundworks

Beam and Block Floors

This method is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional suspended flooring as it can be constructed quickly and inexpensive using ready-made materials. It requires no drying out time and so provides a stable flooring that can be instantly insulated and walked on.

Sewers and Drainage storage space at Mackoy Groundworks Site

Sewers and Drainage

No new home would be complete without plumbing and waste water disposal. As part of our groundwork infrastructure, we create the trenches for these essential services, connecting homes to mainland sewers and ensuring there are provisions for fresh running water.

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