Finishing off a building's foundations with a solid concrete seal, in preparation for the flooring to be laid.


Oversites are essential to the stability of a building's structure.

While foundations provide the necessary footings to root a building to the ground, oversites are fundamental in making the structure stable. Creating a flush, solid concrete, finish that sits between the foundations and the floor's surface. Providing essential strength and protecting the integrity of a building while creating a fully airtight seal that irradiates moisture penetration.

Although commonly used in the construction of commercial buildings, the oversites process is also applicable in residential development. Helping to level the ground with a solid foundation, once the footings have been established, and preparing each new home for flooring.

Using a combination of compacted hardcore and sand, topped off with damp proofing measures, before applying the concrete pour. All of which helps to keep the oversites layer watertight and secure.

At Mackoy not only do our groundwork operatives have the skill and knowledge to execute the oversites process with the precision and attention to detail it demands. We also undertake all aspects of foundation setting out, trench excavations, and sewer works, leading up to the oversites too. Providing all necessary plant and machinery to complete works to the highest specs according to site plans. And always ensuring we have client sign off on our foundation work before advancing to the oversites stage.


Other Services

Beam and Block Floors well stacked Beams for Mackoy Groundworks

Beam and Block Floors

An increasingly popular alternative to traditional suspended flooring; beam and block can be constructed quickly and inexpensively making use of ready-made materials. Alleviating drying out times and providing a stable flooring that can be insulated, and walked on, instantly.

CCTV Surveys and Drain Cleaning taken out for Mackoy Groundworks

CCTV Surveys & Drain Cleaning

Our CCTV surveys will help you quickly determine the health of your drains, identifying the root cause of any problems by a timely, cost effective and non-invasive means. While our drain cleaning capabilities ensure we can quickly dislodge any pipe blockages or build-ups preventing foul water drainage.

Retaining Structures on Mackoy Groundworks site

Retaining Structures

Whether you're building a basement or developing a sloping site, the retaining walls created by our groundworkers help to contain soil in its place. Maintaining the integrity of your structure and ensuring that no amount of pressure or environmental impact compromises its stability.

Sewers and Drainage storage space at Mackoy Groundworks Site

Sewers & Drainage

No new home would be complete without plumbing and wastewater disposal. So as part of our groundworks infrastructure we create the trenches for these essential services to sit in. Connecting homes to mainland sewers, and ensuring provisions are there for fresh running water.

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