The key to ensuring your building or project will be mechanically sound and achievable within your timeframe and budget.


Civil engineers take an architect's vision for a building and bring it to life.

Even if your development already has an architect overseeing its design it's still necessary to bring in the services of a civil engineer who can review the proposed plans and ensure the ideas translate in reality. Saving you the time and expense of discovering too late that the materials, dimensions, or structure of your building won't be mechanically viable or comply with building regulations.

This is the value Mackoy can bring to your development. Our qualified team will work with you to make your architect's vision a reality.

Reviewing the proposals, not from an aesthetics point of view, but from an engineering perspective, to determine whether or not the proposed ideas are viable and safe to proceed with. As well as if the construction can be completed to the timeframes and budget you've assigned to the project.

We'll investigate a number of different aspects in order to make our assessments. Not only applying complex calculations to determine if the building can be made mechanically safe and structurally sound, but also looking at environmental, physical and geological factors too. Making any necessary suggestions for improvements and working with your architect to update plans until the green light can be given. Helping our clients to not only protect their investments, but their reputations too.


Other Services

Surfacing and Paving at a Mackoy Groundworks Site

Surfacing & Paving

Our surfacing & paving work provides exterior finishes completed to the same hi-spec as our groundworks infrastructure. From neatly tarmacked new roads to beautifully block paved driveways, we have the plant and the capability to construct surfaces that can withstand life's daily pressures.

Site Investigation by Mackoy Groundworks Operatives

Site Investigations

A site investigation is the key to unlocking what you can build and where you can build it. Combining soil spot sampling techniques with comprehensive site assessments to determine any historic land contamination and the ground's suitability for development.

Sewers and Drainage storage space at Mackoy Groundworks Site

Sewers & Drainage

No new home would be complete without plumbing and wastewater disposal. So as part of our groundworks infrastructure we create the trenches for these essential services to sit in. Connecting homes to mainland sewers, and ensuring provisions are there for fresh running water.

Roads and 278 works overview on Mackoy Groundworks Site

Roads & 278 Works

Roads are an integral part of keeping Britain moving, not only countrywide, but within local communities too. Our groundworkers help to connect new homes to their wider geographical location. Providing safe passage for people to get where they need to go.

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