Innovation on the ground – Air Digging

11 July 2018

When it comes to breaking new ground on a building site, that’s our area of expertise. Well, we are a groundworks and civil engineering company after all. Trusted by the UK’s top homebuilders no less (so we must be doing something right).

When we approach a new development, our strategy always starts out the same: making sure we have the best of everything. The best people for the job, the best relationship with our clients, and of course the best plant equipment and machinery. After all, that earth isn’t going to move itself.

So when we see an opportunity for improving our tools and equipment we never think twice. Anything that gets the job done smarter, safer, and more efficiently is always going to be a worthwhile investment in our eyes. Which is why we’ve recently upgraded our on site kit to include Air Picks.

Not only is Air Digging a much safer way to excavate (versus using heavy machinery), Air Picks are lighter-weight, and highly effective in stony soil. Plus they cut through clay like a knife in soft butter. So they’re ideal for groundworks sites where the earth is dense and less porous.

In fact, our innovative new Air Picks tackle the toughest excavations with ease and, because they take on the bulk of the hard graft, they’re also kinder on our groundworker’s backs, necks, and shoulders too. And anything we can do to reduce injury and lessen the blow for our team on the ground gets a resounding thumbs up from us.

As part of our on-going commitment to innovation at Mackoy we’re introducing Air Digging across all our groundworks and civil engineering sites. A rollout we’re hoping to complete in the next few months. And we’re providing Air Pick training to all our groundworkers in the field so everyone is confident in handling these new tools safely. Including issuing pocketsize “dig cards” which cover crucial Air Digging ‘dos and don’ts’.

If you’d like to read more about the many ways Mackoy embraces innovation in the groundworks and civil engineering sector, take a look at our Health & Safety page for more info. Or, if you like the sound of what we do at Mackoy and think you’d be a strong asset to our groundworks and civil engineering team, you can see the current openings we have on our careers page and on Facebook.

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