For more than 70 years, Bellway has designed, developed and sold housing stock in multiple regions around the UK. The developer has expanded its operation year on year and, today, holds one of the greatest property market shares in the country, directly employing more than 2000 members of staff across 20 regions.

Back in 2011, when Mackoy first launched, it was Bellway who awarded us our first contract for a major development project: a £750,000 groundwork infrastructure package to service 24 residential plots in Stubbington, Hampshire. Bellway's then divisional MD Steve Brown (now Regional Chairman) gave us the job, and we've remained close with Steve ever since.

We have continued to enjoy a long-standing working relationship with Bellway, in particular with its Wessex regional office, which has awarded us more than 20 contracts in the last seven years – a total contract value of £50 million. During this time, we have completed a number of large-scale groundwork projects for Bellway in Hampshire and the South West, including 278 works and an entrance road in Oxlease, Romsey, as well as infrastructure for 148 residential units in Ferndown, Dorset.

Our Emsworth build in Hampshire marks the third time we've partnered with Bellway in just two years. It is humbling to have such an esteemed UK housebuilder not only endorse our services but actively engage us – something we can't help but feel gives tremendous weight to the quality of our work.

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