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Thakeham Homes is a premier developer known for building high-quality, sustainable homes and vibrant communities across South East England. They specialize in a range of residential projects from affordable housing to zero-carbon homes, emphasizing environmental sustainability and community development.

Thakeham Homes is a leading developer dedicated to creating high-quality, sustainable homes and fostering vibrant communities throughout South East England. Their portfolio spans a variety of residential projects, from affordable housing to luxurious family homes, and includes pioneering zero-carbon communities. Thakeham’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in their integration of advanced eco-friendly technologies and practices into their developments.

A hallmark of Thakeham’s approach is their emphasis on placemaking and enhancing community infrastructure. They collaborate closely with local councils, housing associations, and various institutions to ensure their developments meet the needs of modern living while promoting social cohesion and environmental stewardship. Their projects are designed to blend seamlessly with their surroundings, providing residents with not only homes but also thriving community spaces.

Thakeham's strategic land development capabilities are extensive, managing a portfolio that includes over 60,000 plots under promotion. Their expertise in land acquisition and development allows them to deliver large-scale housing projects efficiently and effectively. Thakeham’s sustainability initiatives, such as their partnership with Octopus Energy to create Zero Bills™ homes, demonstrate their dedication to providing cost-effective, energy-efficient living solutions.

Thakeham’s collaboration with Mackoy further enhances their ability to deliver exceptional residential developments. Mackoy provides vital groundwork and civil engineering services, ensuring each Thakeham project is built on a solid foundation.

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