12 new Hendy Ford vans join our fleet

We’re always investing in new infrastructure at Mackoy, and this year is no exception with the addition of 12 new custom Ford Transit vans joining our ever-expanding fleet.

As with all our Mackoy machinery, plant equipment and road vehicles, our new Ford vans are custom-wrapped in our Mackoy colours. And proudly bear our iconic ‘m’ logo that makes us instantly recognisable on the roads, as well as on the building sites we service up and down the South coast.

Each new van comes courtesy of our friends Matt Thomas and Brad Etheridge at Hendy Transit Centre Southampton and features the most up-to-date technology and highest vehicle specs. Much to the delight of our team who are queuing up to take the latest additions to our fleet out on the roads. Well, who can blame them, eh?

In fact, because our vans aren’t just a means to get us from A-B, but also an integral part of our business toolkit, it’s essential they meet the demands we¬†place on them day to day. Which is why we looked to Hendy Ford in this case, a name synonymous with quality, ingenuity and excellence in the global automotive industry. Benchmarks we similarly strive for in every groundworks and civil engineering contract we undertake at Mackoy.

Not only do the 12 new Transit vans we’ve purchased from Hendy Transit Centre Southampton’s showroom come equipped with smart, driver-assist, technology (such as traffic camera recognition and blind spot awareness). Each one also provides our teams on the road with a comfortable and (more importantly) safe mode of transport. Ensuring that we get where we need to be as efficiently and reliably as possible.

As you can imagine we’ve wasted no time dispatching these new vans within our fleet. So they’ve already had their inaugural journeys on Hampshire’s roads. As well as the additional groundworks and civil engineering catchment areas we service at Mackoy (Dorset, Sussex and Surrey to name but a few).

Feedback from our drivers so far has been great, with much praise for the new transits’ capacity to hold more cargo, and transport larger sized pieces of kit and machinery.

No doubt, we’ll be adding more new vehicles, as well as plant equipment, to our fleet again soon, as our contract tenders continue to go from strength to strength. We’re already providing groundworks infrastructure at sites in Binfield, Stoneham and Portchester this month, with more exciting new projects set to begin in the coming weeks. So if you haven’t spotted one of our new Hendy Ford’s on the road just yet, chances are you’ll see one soon.