5 Ways Groundworkers impact your everyday life

In the seven years since we started, we’ve been on a lot of builds at Mackoy. Excavated a lot of land, created a ton of trenches, and paved a fair few roads. And that’s on top of the foundations and sewers we’ve provided for some of the UK’s premier house builders across England.

Yep, when it comes to being kept on our toes, we’ve barely had our heels to the ground since Mackoy began. But, we also wouldn’t have it any other way.

Which got us to thinking about the impact our work has had. And how groundworks are pretty much integral to the way we live in 2018 (that’s not an overgeneralisation).

In fact, if you don’t believe us, here are just 5 of the ways groundworks impact your life – everyday – without you even knowing…

1. A way to get from A-B

Next time you leave your house, jump in your car, start your engine, and pull onto the road, spare a second to think about how that road actually got there in the first place. It wasn’t by magic, and it definitely wasn’t by pure luck.

That road had to be meticulously planned, drawn and designed down to the last detail. And then, it had to be built. And that’s where our groundworkers come in. Road building is part of our everyday groundworker remit here at Mackoy. And it’s the groundworks infrastructure we provide that makes a new road possible. Paving the way for billions of UK citizens to get to home, work, and everywhere in between, every single day – even their own front door.

Yep, roads are an integral part of how we travel around our fair isle. We literally couldn’t function without them. And yet, were it not for groundworks and civil engineering, roads simply wouldn’t exist.

2. Running water

It’s easy to walk into your kitchen or bathroom, turn on a tap, and be the lucky recipient of instant running water. No effort required. But for our groundworkers getting that water there does require a lot of effort. Namely digging down into earth and cultivating the trenches that utility providers lay their pipes in.

Yes, having water in our taps is something we largely take for granted in the UK. But, that precious life source wouldn’t be accessible if those water pipes had nowhere to go. And that’s entirely possible thanks to the hard graft our groundworkers put in up and down the country.

So next time you’re filling your kettle for a cuppa, or boiling a pan of water for some spuds, remember, it’s all thanks to groundworkers that these everyday things are possible.

3. Schools & Hospitals

We’ve privileged to have access to free education and free healthcare in the UK, but those services need somewhere to call home. And that’s where groundworks come in.

All buildings in the UK start out life in just the same way: an empty expanse of land. And while clients and designers come up with the plans to make a building a reality, ultimately it’s our groundworkers that turn those drawings into the schools and hospitals you see dotted around the country.

From excavating the earth for utilities and foundations, to building the access roads, sewer works and car parks needed to function everyday. Groundworks ensure that everything that has to happen for a building to take shape gets done (in our case to the highest standards).

4. Phone lines & the Internet

It’s hard to imagine a time without phones and the Internet. Even though 20 years ago neither were as ingrained in our lives as they are today. But that’s the beauty of evolution. And once that advancement occurs, it’s hard to look back.

Electrical lines that power the Internet, as well as those that provide mobile phone service, all begin life at the hands of groundworkers. We may not develop the apps that help you check what a celebrity is wearing each day. But we do put in the groundworks infrastructure that makes having this technology in your house (and on the move) possible.

It’s just one of the groundworks jobs Mackoy are frequently brought in to do on new building developments for our clients. And it ensures that billions of people (across the world) stay connected.

5. A roof over your head

If home is where the heart is, then our Mackoy groundworkers have made a lot of hearts happy. Because we’ve literally helped build hundreds of thousands of new homes in the seven years since we started. For UK home builders including Barratt, Bellway, CALA, Wyatt and Redrow (to name but a handful of the clients who’ve contracted Mackoy for their groundworks infrastructure).

And it’s not just homes we help to create, but entire new communities, connected by roads, pavements, and parks. All of which require foundations and excavation to get their start in life.

It really is an honour and a privilege to be at the centre of so many exciting new house-builds at Mackoy. Knowing that our team’s hard work has given thousands of families in Britain a warm, safe and dry place to call home. And all because of a trench we laid, or a floor we levelled.

Over the last seven years we’ve gone from a handful of workers to over 300 at Mackoy. Picking up contracts not only in Hampshire, where we’re still headquarted but also in Berkshire, Surrey, Sussex and Dorset.

If you think you’d be an asset to Mackoy groundworks & civil engineering (and you have a valid CSCS card) apply to us now via our careers page. Or follow us on Facebook for the latest openings on our team.