Flying High: Drone filming at Mackoy

We’re always on the lookout for exciting new ways to showcase the incredible builds we’re proud to be a part of at Mackoy. And while our news feed and social channels are great for keeping up to date with our latest developments. When it comes to the groundworks we’re undertaking day-to-day, nothing compares to seeing the work with your own eyes.

So we enlisted the help of professional drone operator John Senior of Hampshire based ‘From The Air filming’. Who’s been helping us capture some fantastic video footage of our groundworkers in action. Whilst using his sway as a commercial drone operator to also secure permission for us to film within two miles of Southampton Airport. Thanks John, we owe you one!

Drone technical specs: 

Make/model: 4k DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Megapixels: 20

Max height: up to 400 foot (120 metres)

Top speed: 45 miles p/hour

Flight time: 30 minutes

Sensor: 1 inch

As well as holding the drone to film on the ground, John also flew it 400 feet into the air to capture some incredible aerial images of our groundworks and civil engineering feats from above. And we have to say the raw footage we’ve seen so far looks magnificent. In fact, it’s humbling to take in the scale and magnitude of our groundworks infrastructure from a bird’s eye view.

John’s had a passion for all things drone-related for as long as he can remember. Initially building (and flying) his own drones for fun before progressing his hobby into a full-time vocation. And his skills definitely shine through in the footage he’s shot so far for Mackoy.

He uses a 4K DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone for all his camera work. Which together with a 1-inch sensor, mechanical shutter, 20-megapixel camera, and 4-way obstacle avoidance (handy when you’re manoeuvring around moving plant machinery) also features 3-access stabilisation. So the footage looks razor sharp as well as crystal clear.

The great thing about using drones to shoot is that it allows us to capture a range of shots, above and beyond (no pun intended) those that handheld cameras are capable of. All of which helps build a clearer picture of what it is we do at Mackoy as well as the specific services we provide to our clients.

We’ll be using the images John’s captured in a variety of ways. From promotional videos advertising our services, to case studies showcasing specific projects we’ve been a part of. So look our for John’s incredible drone footage on our website soon.

In the meantime, if you do happen to spot a drone flying overhead while you’re on a Mackoy site don’t panic. It’s not the boss’s new way of keeping an eye on you. It’s just us doing our best to put across what it’s really like to be part of the Mackoy culture. And showcase the quality groundworks and civil engineering infrastructure our team are delivering across the UK every day.