Investigative camera inspections to assess the integrity of drains and sewers, and identify the root cause of blockages and drainage issues.


A CCTV survey is like a Dr's check-up for your drain. They ensure everything is healthy and in good working order.

When something goes wrong with your drain it's not always easy to pinpoint the problem. Particularly when the majority of the infrastructure is buried deep underground, accessible only through a manhole cover, or by invasive and costly building work. Fortunately, that's where a CCTV survey and drain inspection provided by our Mackoy engineers can help.

CCTV surveys are the most efficient and effective means of determining your drain's health. Helping to isolate blockages within your system, while identifying any underlying infrastructure problems that need urgent attention. Using a CCTV camera, fed into the system's pipework, our engineers can record high-quality real-time data images that quickly establish problem cause of drainage issues.

Even detecting something as slight as a hairline fracture. All of which, if left untreated, can exasperate drainage problem and even unsettle a property's foundations.

In the case of drain blockages, we also offer a full draining cleaning service too. Using a combination of applied jet pressure washing and electro-mechanical cleaning techniques to dislodge any lime scale build-up or similar blockage in your pipes. Helping to clear your drains of any debris preventing wastewater expulsion and restore your drain's back to full health.


Other Services

Sewers and Drainage storage space at Mackoy Groundworks Site

Sewers & Drainage

No new home would be complete without plumbing and wastewater disposal. So as part of our groundworks infrastructure we create the trenches for these essential services to sit in. Connecting homes to mainland sewers, and ensuring provisions are there for fresh running water.

Earthworks digger mound reduction for Mackoy Groundworks


The first step in any new development, our earthworks prepare the ground for excavation. Stripping away the topsoil, clearing the site of vegetation, removing excess earth (muckaway) and levelling out any unevenness (cut & fill) to make way for groundbreaking to begin.

Civil Engineering Plans for Mackoy Groundworks Project

Civil Engineering

From ensuring your project can be delivered to time and to budget, to providing the complex calculations that determine how the construction can be made mechanically sound. Civil engineers use their environmental and structural expertise to bring a building to life.

Foundations poured by digger for Mackoy Groundworks supervised by groundworks operatives


Foundations are the cornerstone of any manmade structure, grounding the building to the floor for stability and strength. Our foundation excavations follow technical specs to a T. Taking trenches to the correct depths and avoiding collapse and infill.

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